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Arizona isn’t normally the type of place I’d have on my wish list of desired travel destinations, but when I got invited to attend my company’s holiday party in Phoenix I figured why not turn it into a little weekend adventure? Turns out my husband’s best friend lives in the Scottsdale area, so I brought hubs along and we made an event of it.

The thing that excited me most about Arizona was the plentiful cacti everywhere I looked. And I mean, they’re everywhere. I was nerding out pretty hard over them. Cacti forests galore. An Uber driver in the area told me that if a cactus is big and has arms, that means it’s probably really old, like 80 years old or more-old. (whoa!) And let’s not forget all that red rock! The terrain is so unique, especially to this California girl. Thanks to my husband who found the patience to deal with me saying “ohmygodlookatthatcactus!!!” every 5 seconds.

We decided to take a day trip to Sedona for a little hike (and a photo shoot, of course).  After a 2.5 hour drive through the desert, we arrived. Apparently we ended up in a “vortex” area, which we discovered after seeing some folks meditating out in the open and talking about it. Apparently the vortex is where energy swirls and makes you feel more centered.  I tried meditating a little to see if I felt anything (to my disappointment, I felt nothing), but hey, maybe I didn’t focus hard enough!

I’ve heard horror stories about how hot it can get there in the summer, so our December visit felt perfectly planned. Thanks for the views, Arizona!


December 12, 2017
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