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It’s been years since I went to Yosemite – almost 20 years to be exact, eek – and it’s been #1 on my list every time my husband and I start brainstorming our next weekend trip. We finally agreed to visit after learning that my co-worker owns a gorgeous Airbnb in the Yosemite area that was available during our targeted weekend. Let’s just say this place was uhhh-mazing so we couldn’t turn down the opportunity to stay there. I mean, just look at this place:

After the 3-hour drive from the Bay Area, we arrived and WOW. This place was stunning. We soon discovered the back porch overlooked a creek and lots of nature. Obviously, this called for a photo shoot. (My brother-in-law joined us, and of course, joined the photo shoot!)

After our backyard photo shoot, I cooked us up some tacos and we ate as the sun set. Then I fell asleep in what could be described as the most comfortable bed ever. This place is so great, it was worth the trip alone!

The next day was the day I had been waiting for: YOSEMITE. We woke up at 6:30 am (for the record, we are all morning people) and started the 90-minute drive into the park. Going in so early, we were easily able to find parking and got to see Yosemite in the early hours as the sun rose. For our trip, I packed some sandwiches and snacks so we could have a little picnic (because I’m cute like that). Speaking of cute, look at this:

Anyway, our first stop was to see Yosemite Falls. I don’t like to curse a lot on my blog, but HOLY SH*T these waterfalls are beautiful. From far away or up close, you could hear them roaring and feel their power. The weekend before, Yosemite had been flooded from a massive amount of rain, so the weekend we visited, the falls were stunning and full!

After Yosemite Falls, we went for a hike around Mirror Lake. The hike itself was about 5 miles, and required some *ahem* resourcefulness. A portion of the trail was still flooded from the weekend before, so we took off our hiking boots and trekked barefoot through calf-deep freezing mountain water. I was relieved to get to the dry portion of the trail again, because as much as I love having frozen, dirty toes I still prefer warm, dry feet. Needless to say, we were exhausted at the end of the day from hiking around so much. We only scratched the surface of exploring this beautiful place so we planned TWO more trips to visit again this summer that evening!

Check out the rest of our photos below:



April 24, 2018
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